KBC Securities — Карточка организации

название организации KBC Securities
полное название организации KBC Securities N.V. Polish branch
страна риска Польша
сайт http://kbcmakler.pl/en/


As a part of the international investment bank KBC Securities, we provide our clients with expertise in a broad spectrum of products - corporate finance, sales and trading and equity research. Brokerage We provide sales, trading and market-making services for institutional and retail clients on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and foreign markets. Corporate Finance Our Corporate Finance Division provides financial advisory and capital rising services to corporations, institutional investors and public authorities. Equity Research Our equity research analysts provide in-depth analysis of companies, industries, markets and economies to assist our clients with their investment decisions.
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Долговые обязательства

Бумага Объем, млн Статус
CSOB (Slovakia), 0.5% 28jun2022, EUR 50 EUR В обращении
KBC IFIMA, 2% 2nov2022, USD 100 USD В обращении
KBC IFIMA, 3% 2nov2021, AUD 100 AUD В обращении
CSOB (Slovakia), 0.5% 5oct2019, EUR 5 EUR В обращении
CSOB (Slovakia), 1.6% 27feb2019, EUR 10 EUR В обращении
CSOB (Slovakia), 1.65% 27nov2018, EUR 15 EUR В обращении
CSOB (Czech), FRN 12oct2017, CZK 1 000 CZK В обращении
KBC IFIMA, 4.50% 3sep2017, NOK 305 NOK В обращении
CSOB (Czech), FRN 31aug2017, CZK 1 000 CZK В обращении
CSOB (Slovakia), 4.7% 9jul2036, EUR 25 EUR В обращении