Kancelaria Statima — Карточка организации

название организации Kancelaria Statima
полное название организации Kancelaria Statima S.A.
страна риска Польша
отрасль Финансовые институты
сайт http://statima.pl/


We are a perfectly organized Debt Collection Company with fully Polish capital. Our activities are always and everywhere guided by the best interests of our Clients. We operate using the granted powers of attorney, as well as by buying debt portfolios which are further recovered for our own account. We know that our Debtors are – first of all – Humans but also Passengers, Readers, Residents, Customers and Voters. We are the market leader in recovering the road and rail transport debts, our core business is mass recovery of low-value debts because we have appropriate tools, measures and the experience acquired over the years of our activity on the domestic recovery market. Our expertise and professionalism is well known by our Debtors and Clients, as evidenced by our numerous letters of reference.
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PLN 1 3 528 000

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Kancelaria Statima, 8% 12apr2019, PLN (B) 4 PLN В обращении