Braster — Карточка организации

название организации Braster
полное название организации Braster S.A.
страна риска Польша
отрасль Медицина и здравоохранение


BRASTER S.A. was established in 2008 by a group of Polish scientists who had developed a breakthrough method of applying liquid crystals in breast cancer screening. This technology created BRASTER – a worldwide unique medical device for breast self-examination at home. We seek to empower women with a reliable solution that seamlessly fits into their busy lifestyle. We put into their hands a revolutionary device – BRASTER – for home breast self-examination. Our device is designed to detect breast cancer at an early stage, when the disease can be cured completely.
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Объем выпусков в обращении

Валюта Выпуски в обращении Суммарный объем
PLN 1 10 500 000

Долговые обязательства

Бумага Объем, млн Статус
Braster, FRN 29may2019, PLN (A) 11 PLN В обращении