Unified Factory — Карточка организации

название организации Unified Factory
полное название организации Unified Factory
страна риска Польша
отрасль Информационные и высокие технологии
сайт http://www.unifiedfactory.com/


Unified Factory creates solutions for us: sales – defines, supports, conducts and controls B2B and B2C sales processes in various channels (such as: direct sale, distance sale, tele-sale, e-commerce) client service – defines, supports, conducts and controls client service processes in B2B and B2C administration - defines, supports, conducts and controls administrative processes that are key to the organization e-commerce – integrates the sales and client service processes in a modern and demanding Internet sales channel communication – facilitates and unifies through integrated communication regardless of communication channel (telephone, e-mail, SMS, chat, social chat) Our assets: experience - 20 years of experience in executing projects using direct communication tools (telephone, e-mail, SMS, chat) in Poland and abroad creativity and energy – the foundation of each effective project and work style of the entire team wide range of competencies – the team is composed of specialists in sales, client service, communication processes, and technology market awareness – understanding of market needs resulting from participation in many projects and also extensive contacts with Polish and international specialists
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Объем выпусков в обращении

Валюта Выпуски в обращении Суммарный объем
PLN 1 10 000 000

Долговые обязательства

Бумага Объем, млн Статус
Unified Factory, FRN 31aug2019, PLN (B) 10 PLN В обращении
Unified Factory, 9% 09feb2017, PLN (A) 3 PLN Досрочно погашена