Q Securities — Карточка организации

название организации Q Securities
полное название организации Q Securities S.A.
страна риска Польша
отрасль Финансовые институты
сайт http://www.qsecurities.pl/en


Q Securities is an exceptional institution in the Polish financial market. We are both lawyers and financiers. We have many years of experience in working with domestic and foreign financial institutions. We run projects on debt and equity issues targeted at both institutional investors and private individuals. As a broker we organise securities transactions understanding even the most complex business cases. We render our services assuring legal safety. We are the Team of people who want to merge multi-year market practice in legal and financial services with experience in co-operation with recognised financial institutions. This alliance constitutes Q Secutities.
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Участие в сделках

Бумага Объем, млн Статус
i2 Development, 8.1% 5jan2020, PLN (C) 30 PLN Организатор
BVT, 8% 30nov2018, PLN (A) 3 PLN Организатор
WEH Inwestycje, FRN 21dec2018, PLN 10 PLN Организатор
Goldenmark, FRN 14dec2017, PLN (02) 1 PLN Организатор
Goldenmark, FRN 01nov2017, PLN (01) 2 PLN Организатор
SBR Faktor, FRN 30apr2018, PLN (H) 1 PLN Организатор
SBR Faktor, FRN 13mar2018, PLN (G) 3 PLN Организатор