NWAI DM — Карточка организации

название организации NWAI DM
полное название организации Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Poland Branch
регистрационная форма Акционерное общество
страна риска Польша
отрасль Финансовые институты
сайт http://www.nwai.pl/


The activity of NWAI Dom Maklerski SA (NWAI Brokerage) focuses on services in the area of investment banking. We specialise in delivering comprehensive services and solutions of the capital market to small and medium sized enterprises. We organise issues and offerings of shares, bonds, convertible bonds, specialist investment funds, structured products and alternative investments. Moreover, we offer investment advisory services to wealthy individuals and to institutions, strategic advisory services to enterprises with respect to capital structure, sources of financing, enterprise strategy, as well as divisions and takeovers of companies. Our activity is monitored by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

NWAI quotes are of a purely indicative nature and refer to transactions with a minimum value of EUR 50 000. The quotes can not be treated as an offering. The institution providing the quotes has no obligation to enter into any transaction.
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Участие в сделках

Бумага Объем, млн Статус
Vivid Games, FRN 5may2020, PLN (A) 11 PLN Организатор
UNISERV-PIECBUD, FRN 20apr2020, PLN (B) 10 PLN Организатор
KREDYT INKASO, FRN 29mar2020, PLN (C1) 103 PLN Организатор
Victoria Dom, FRN 07feb2021, PLN (E) 6 PLN Организатор
SAF Poland, 7.5% 04aug2018, PLN (C) 1 PLN Маркет-мейкер
RONSON EUROPE, FRN 29jul2020, PLN (Q) 15 PLN Организатор
GETIN NOBLE BANK, FRN 31aug2023, PLN (PP5-VI) 40 PLN Маркет-мейкер
ZM Henryk Kania, FRN 24jun2019, PLN (F) 50 PLN Организатор
ZM Henryk Kania, FRN 24jun2019, PLN (F) 50 PLN Маркет-мейкер
KREDYT INKASO, FRN 7oct2019, PLN (A1, A2) 120 PLN Организатор