Chelm — Карточка организации

название организации Chelm
полное название организации Chelm
страна риска Польша


Chelm is a city in eastern Poland with 67,702 inhabitants (2007). It is located to the south-east of Lublin, north of Zamosc and south of Biala Podlaska, some 25 kilometres from the border with Ukraine. Since 1999 located in the Lublin Voivodeship, previously the town was the capital of a separate voivodeship. The city is of mostly industrial character, though it also houses numerous notable historical monuments and tourist attractions.
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Долговые обязательства

Бумага Объем, млн Статус
Chelm, FRN 31aug2014, PLN (C) 5 PLN Погашена
Chelm, FRN 30jul2014, PLN (B) 5 PLN Погашена
Chelm, FRN 24jun2014, PLN (A) 5 PLN Погашена